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About Us

The Ultra Computer, Inc. is located in Dallas, Texas. Founded in October 2008. We started as an online store selling computer parts, and refurbished laptops. Later in 2009, we opened our first physical store in Dallas to provide 3 basic services: computer repair, computer sales, and fixing electronics. In 2011, we moved from our 800-sqft shop to our current 4,000-sqft warehouse in Richardson. Our services expanded to include computer parts wholesale, web design, web development, and internet marketing. In 2014, we expanded our services to provide software development to small businesses and enterprises.

The Ultra Computer grew from an idea to a one-man team to a profitable, successful, trusted business with highly skilled technicians to serve customers in the US and around the world. We attribute our company’s progress to a combination of customers’ loyalty, our commitment to meet our clientele expectation, and our high-quality products and services. Our company is structured to serve personal, small, medium size businesses, large corporates, non-profit organizations, and local authorities.

The Ultra Computer was established with a strong vision, and a mission in mind: offer solutions and help people succeed in their journeys.

Throughout the years, The Ultra Computer, Inc. had served over 100,000+ customers in the United States and all over the world. Whether it is a product we sell or a service we provide, our customers' experience is very important to us. We are willing to go extra miles to meet our clients expectations and satisfaction.