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One of the most significant factors to our success is the high-quality relationships we built with our suppliers and manufacturers. Since 2008, Our suppliers helped us build strong relations with our customers based on satisfaction and trust.

At The Ultra Computer, we are always looking for new products from high-quality suppliers. Sell your products now on The Ultra Computer and our networks, and increase your profit. Your products will reach new customers in the U.S. and across the globe.

Our team will make it easier for you to sell your items and increase your profit by distributing your products in our internal network of sellers, and B2B (Business to Business) exchange networks. We will make your products reach more clients and boost your sales. Let us work together to build a bright future.

We offer:

  • A commitment to sell your products with the targeted profit margins
  • Large distribution opportunities – over 1000 sellers and wholesalers locally in Texas, California, and Oklahoma.
  • Fast and secure payment system.
  • Top-rated Customer Service to handle your products, and list them online on our business channels.
  • Reach more interested in buyers in our business-to-business exchanging networks, and online e-commerce marketplaces.
  • An experience of 8 years in selling products online with 99% customer satisfactions.

We need:

  • Best deals
  • Availability, and accessibility throughout the year.
  • Best prices on a regular basis.
  • Your pledge to provide an excellent customer service to our clienteles.

If you are a manufacturer, a wholesaler or a distributor of high-quality merchandise and have products that you think would interest us. Please send us an email at [email protected] or apply to become a supplier by filling in the form below:

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